Face Mask white

Face Mask white

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Verlag: Music Gift

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verschiedene Komponistennamen mit Design in weiß
MUSIC GIFT « protective masks are more than just fabric masks.
We combine the portuguese know-how in design and textile production with the
best antibacterial solutions to guarantee an accessory that offers the
essential protection and comfort for everyday life.
MUSIC GIFT« protective masks are a safe, ecological and reusable solution.
NOTE: All products are made from rolls of fabric with a pattern repeat
design. This means the design featured on each item will vary.
. Three layers of protection
. Outer layer with a repellent finish, which makes it difficult for the virus
to penetrate.
. Intermediate layer composed of an interlining that maintains an armed
canopy, which facilitates air circulation.
. Interior layer with a repellent finish and with antibacterial treatment to
prevent the lodging of the virus.
. Neutralization of odor
. Safety and biological compatibility
. High efficiency and durability
. Skin sensitivity
. Antibacterial Protection
. High efficiency up to 50 washes
. Non-toxic, safe and biocompatible materials
. Does not create microbial resistance
. Effectiveness guaranteed up to 50 washes without losing characteristics and
. Do not use bleach
. Do not use for more than 4 or 5 hours without washing the mask
. we advise to wash before using

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