Holly DayPiano and Keyboard All-in-One for Dummies

2nd Edition

Day, Holly

Piano and Keyboard All-in-One for Dummies

2nd Edition

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Kovarsky, Jerry, co-author
Neel, Blake, co-author
Pearl, David, co-author
Pilhofer, Michael, co-author
6 Books in 1 :
Introduction 1
Book 1: Piano & Keyboard
Chapter 1: Warming Up to the Piano and Keyboard
Chapter 2: Looking at the Different Keyboard Options
Chapter 3: Choosing and Buying Your Keyboard
Chapter 4: The Setup and Care of Your Instrument
Chapter 5: Getting Comfy at the Keyboard
Book 2: Understanding Theory and the Language of Music
Chapter 1: Looking at Notes and Beats
Chapter 2: Stopping for a Rest
Chapter 3: Tempo, Measures, and Time Signatures
Chapter 4: Navigating Sheet Music
Chapter 5: Varying Beats and Rhythms
Book 3: Beginning to Play
Chapter 1: Playing a Melody
Chapter 2: Working with Scales
Chapter 3: Adding the Left Hand
Chapter 4: Examining Form: Melody, Harmony, and Song Form
Chapter 5: Keys, Key Signatures, and the Circle of Fifths
Chapter 6: Building Chords to Accompany Melodies
Book 4: Refining Your Technique and Exploring Styles
Chapter 1: Adding Effects and Flair to Your Piano Playing
Chapter 2: Getting into the Groove
Chapter 3: Going Classical
Chapter 4: Perusing Popular Genres and Forms
Book 5: Exercises: Practice, Practice, Practice
Chapter 1: Developing Hand Technique
Chapter 2: Extending Your Scales
Chapter 3: Improving Finger Coordination and Footwork
Chapter 4: Jumping Across the Keyboard
Chapter 5: Exercising with Arpeggios and Alternating Hands
Chapter 6: Stepping Up to Octaves and Chord Progressions
Book 6: Exploring Electronic Keyboard Technology
Chapter 1: Choosing Sounds and Effects
Chapter 2: Adding Accompaniment, Rhythm Patterns, and Arpeggiation
Chapter 3: Recording and Editing Your Sounds
Chapter 4: Using Onboard Learning Systems
Chapter 5: Playing Along with Recordings and Using Music Software
Appendix: Accessing the Audio Tracks

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