Esbjörn Svenssone.s.t. Songbook vol.2:

for piano and bass (with chords)

Svensson, Esbjörn

e.s.t. Songbook vol.2:

for piano and bass (with chords)

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Berglund, Dan, co-author
Öström, Sven, co-author
A Picture of Doris travelling with Boris
Brewery of Beggars
Definition of a Dog
Did they ever tell Cousteau
Good Morning Susie Soho
In my Garage
Letter from the leviathan
Reminiscence of a Soul
Sipping on the solid Ground
Somewhere else before
Spunky Sprawl
Strange Place for Snow
The Chapel
The Wellwisher
What though the Way may be long
Where we used to live

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