Bill EvansBluegrass Banjo for Dummies

Evans, Bill

Bluegrass Banjo for Dummies

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Bluegrass Banjo For Dummies is the definitive guide to mastering the most
popular banjo-playing skills and techniques. If you've always wanted to strum
and pick a five-string, but never knew where to start, this book provides the
instruction you'll need to take your playing to a new level. The accompanying
online video and audio instruction helps drive home the key points, and makes
for a great interactive experience to brush up on your roll patterns,
picking, hammer-ons, pull-offs, and a whole lot more!
- Join such famous acts as Mumford and Sons and Alan Jackson by adding
bluegrass banjo to your repertoire
- Use online video and audio instruction to truly hone your technique
- Expand your abilities in other genres with techniques that cross over
- Get to know roll patterns and start picking, hammering-on, and pulling-off
with aplomb

For the aspiring bluegrass banjo player, Bluegrass Banjo For Dummies is the
definitive resource to picking like a pro!

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